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About us

Make it easy to cut metalsanywhere

We have advanced equipment

The company has advanced production equipment: NACHI heat treatmentequipment,outmatic grinding machine, high performance PVD coatingquipment,high-precision 4-axis CNC saw blade teeth grinding machines and arange of precision inspective equipment.

We have high-precision equipment that can process high-precision tools

We have been in this industry for a long time and have extensive experience in producing high-quality tools


Cutting tubes and solids on manual sawing machines

JERS LIFE Due to the higher oxidationtemperature,this TiN coated Solar saw bladeis able to cut applications with high tensilestrengths.

Cutting thin walled & stainless tubes and profiles

JERS SPIN Have more precise coat,lowfriction coefficient, better wear resistance andanti-adhesion, which can further improve thesawing speed and service life of the saw blade.

Cutting harder materials at higher cutting speeds

JERS SKYTiN coatincrease saw bladesurface hardness,heat resistance,tenacity.abrasion resistance and anti-adhesion toprotect saw blade;lt guarantee higher cuttingspeed and avoid of burr or scraps adhered tothe blade tooth,lt's is a cost-effective coating

Cutting high tensile (stainless) steel tubes and profiles

JERS FLYSuper A coatis a special lowfriction saw blade with high hardness, hightemperature resistance, good thermalhardness and strong adhesion.

We are ahead of our peers


Precision of the blade

Our blade precision averages 83%, 13% higher than the industry standard, due to advanced CNC grinders and automated production lines.


Production efficiency

Our production efficiency is 75% higher than the industry average, thanks to advanced technology and optimized processes that allow for faster delivery.


Quality pass rate

Our quality pass rate averages 70% higher than the industry standard, thanks to our focus on testing and a robust quality management system. We invest in R&D to meet evolving customer needs.